Divorce Litigation Support

Divorce can create an emotionally charged atmosphere for all parties.
A forensic accountant can examine documents, perform analysis, and provide unbiased objectivity for divorce engagements.

Forensic accounting engagements include analysis of marital and family financial situations:

  • Lifestyle analysis for spousal support
  • Income available for alimony and/or child support
  • Equitable distribution of marital estate
  • Identification of non-marital assets
The obligation of each party is to fully and truthfully disclose his or her assets and earnings. Instead, often non-disclosure, inaccuracies, or illegal transfer of assets are alleged by one or both parties. The skills of a forensic accountant can be used support or refute such allegations by distilling the information and presenting it in an unbiased manner in a court of law, if needed.

Leslea Ellis, LLC offers the following divorce-related forensic accounting services:

  • Reconstruction of bank and investment accounts to identify non-disclosed, diverted or otherwise squandered funds
  • Review of business records for personal use or misappropriation of business funds
  • Analysis of financial records to identify non-disclosed sources of income
  • Tracking and identification of undisclosed real or personal property
  • Review and analysis of filed tax returns
  • Tracking of significant changes in spending habits prior to separation